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A politician’s guide to handling hubris – radio clip. (2015)

“You have to avoid hubris, triumphalism… you’ve only got two or three years and after that you do lose the plot… (after our victory) in 1987 we thought it was a triumph and hubris did take over.” Kenneth Clarke

Kenneth Clarke, former Chancellor in UK Conservative Party Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s government.
Alastair Campbell, Director of Communications and Strategy for former UK Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair.Interviewed by ‘Today’ presenter James Naughtie
BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme 15 October 2015

“The Conservatives in Westminster and the SNP in Scotland are riding on waves of success – the 2015 general election result handed them political dominance in their respective regions.

“The SNP, which is holding its conference in Aberdeen, is stronger at Westminster than any Scottish party has ever been; Labour at its peak could not match the proportion of 56 seats out of 59.

“But what are the problems that come with this success?

“Today presenter James Naughtie brought together two political heavyweights – Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s Director of Communications and Strategy, and Kenneth Clarke, Conservative Chancellor and a minister in many jobs for 23 years – to discuss how successful politicians best avoid the lure of over-confidence.”

Listen to the clip here: A politician’s guide to handling hubris

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