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Big boys, big egos and strategic intelligence. (2015)

“..ideas on how strategic intelligence can help (Boards) prevail over destructive narcissism.

Joseph H.A.M. Rodenberg, managing partner of Rodenberg Tillman & Associates, Netherlands
Antoinette Rijsenbilt,
Erasmus University Rotterdam, non-executive director of the Dutch Fiscal Economic Institute
Publisher: Eburon Uitgeveri

“…narcissism can have productive and destructive influences on organizational outcomes. The Board of Directors’ countervailing power is the key mechanism to control a CEO’s narcissism. Strategic intelligence enables the Board to organise this countervailing power.

“Therefore, strategic intelligence makes the difference between productive and destructive narcissism.

“Very few companies have strategic intelligence positioned on a par with other functions that report directly to the Board.”

Based on a sample of nearly a thousand S&P500 CEOs analysed from 1992 to 2008, this book “offers many new ideas on how strategic intelligence can help top managers prevail over destructive narcissism.”

“The authors give many practical examples of big egos that destroyed the business, but also numerous examples of productive leadership”

Find the book here: Big boys, big egos and strategic intelligence

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