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Academic articles

The dark side of resilience. (2017)

"… while it may be reassuring (to have resilient leaders) — such leaders are not necessarily good for the group, much like bacteria or parasites are much more problematic when...

Written by: Chamorro-Premuzic, T., & Derek Lusk, D.

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Humility and tone at the top. (2017)

"...leader-expressed humility correlates positively with both employee job engagement and employee job satisfaction and correlates negatively with voluntary job turnover." International Leadership Journal, pp 54-71 Volume 9, Issue 2, Summer...

Written by: Friedman, H. H., Fischer, D., & Schochet, S.

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The type of narcissist that can make a good leader. (2017)

“Instead of avoiding narcissists, organizations may be better served in selecting the right type of narcissist." Randall S. Peterson, professor of organizational behavior, London Business School & S. Wiley Wakeman, doctoral candidate,...

Written by: Peterson, R. S. & Wiley-Wakeman, S.

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