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Women in the C-Suite: Four breakthrough strategies. (2017)

“Helping women leaders succeed doesn’t necessarily mean massive programs or numerical quotas. Sometimes, simple solutions work even better.” Brian Kropp, Ph.D From Talent Quarterly's special 'Female Talent' issue. Talent Quarterly's preview:...

Written by: Daedalus admin

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What makes powerful people tick? (2017)

"People in power are more engaged, optimistic and take more risks.... (But) having power clearly comes with a risk for corruption and self-serving behaviour." Ana Guinote, University College London; Nova School of...

Written by: Guinote, A.

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The four biggest myths about female leaders. (2017)

"It’s not about capabilities, glass ceilings, personal interests or any of the typical excuses you’ll hear." Derek Lusk, Ph.D. and Jackie Broekhoven Sahm From Talent Quarterly's special 'Female Talent' issue....

Written by: Lusk, D. & Sahm, J.B.

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Why good employees do bad things. (2017)

“…the notion that only bad people behave unethically is false. Laura W. Geller, senior editor, 30 January 2017 (Wharton publication) Interviewing Maryam Kouchaki, assistant professor, Northwestern University Kellogg School of...

Written by: Kouchaki, Maryam & Geller, Laura W.

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