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Power causes brain damage. (2017)

"When a congressional hearing flayed Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf for failing to stop employees setting up phony accounts for customers... he seemed utterly unable to read a room." Jerry Useem, staff writer...

Written by: Useem, J.

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The danger of runaway leadership. (2017)

"Hubristic individuals are a threat to governance in all institutions." Lord David Owen Governance + Compliance, the online magazine of ICSA: The Governance Institute (UK), 16 May 2017 “For all...

Written by: Owen, David.

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Is political hubris an illness? (2017)

"... I asked Lord Owen if Trump meets the threshold of hubris syndrome, he replied it was a hard case, ... “He obviously has hubris, but did he acquire it ...? What was...

Written by: Osnos, E.

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In praise of narcissism. (2017)

“Narcissism is ... a duty to watch ourselves, vigilantly self-regulating our appearance in the world … And these kinds of self-reflections are not always wasteful." Shahidha Bari Times Literary Supplement,...

Written by: Bari, S.

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