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Embrace the bold, temper the hubris. (2016)

"...ways to keep your bold attitude at the forefront and keep the hubris at bay. Maynard Webb, various roles including Yahoo! Board chairman, 31 Oct 2016 "If you’re leading...

Written by: Webb, Maynard.

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Why so many leaders fail and derail. (2016)

“…derailment and disappointment among leaders are as common as success. Prof. Adrian Furnham, University College London Psychology Today 25 Aug 2016 "There are more than 70,000 books with ‘leadership’ in...

Written by: Furnham, Adrian.

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Hubristic leadership, a review. (2016)

“…examines hubristic leadership … first in terms of over-confidence and its relationship to core self-evaluation and narcissism; then as an acquired disorder (Hubris Syndrome) Eugene Sadler-Smith, Vita Akstinaite, Graham Robinson...

Written by: Sadler-Smith, E., Akstinaite, V., Robinson, G., & Wray T.

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Anti-Hubris Toolkit passes important milestone. (2016)

Plans for a practical Anti-Hubris Toolkit have reached an important milestone with the release of proposals for managing and mitigating hubris in business organisations. Co-produced by academics at Surrey Business School’s...

Written by: Sadler-Smith, Eugene & Robinson, Graham.

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The four types of humility. (2016)

"If you're faking humility to manipulate others, just stop it. We'd rather deal with your hubris than your falsity. Jeff DeWolf, LinkedIn, 7 October 2016 Today's leadership theorists tell us...

Written by: DeWolf, Jeff.

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