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Extrovert CEOs make way less money. (2016)

"...researchers found “a robust negative association” between extroverted, talkative CEOs and “return on assets and cash flow”. Drake Baer,, science of us 8 Aug 2016 Based on work by...

Written by: Gow, Ian D.

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The hubris of the 2016 candidates. (2016)

"The rivals are like Shakespearean protagonists falling prey to hubris, the excessive pride that can make politicians believe the rules that govern normal mortals do not apply to them." Stephen...

Written by: Collins, Stephen.

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Humble leaders get more commitment. (2016)

"Leaders viewed admitting mistakes, spotlighting follower strengths and modeling teachability as being ... powerful predictors of their own as well as the organization's growth. Ray Williams, executive coach/mentor and author LinkedIn...

Written by: Williams, Ray.

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Three questions humble leaders ask. (2016)

"To prevent excessive narcissism, leaders need to look for critical voices, adversity and outside contact. Annet Aris, Adjunct Professor, INSEAD. Insead Knowledge, 23 Aug 2016. A degree of narcissism is...

Written by: Aris, Annet.

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