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Successful psychopaths: Are they unethical decision-makers and why? (2012)

"This study investigated ... the positive relationship between psychopathy and unethical decision-making explaining it through the process of moral disengagement." Gregory W. Stevens, Auburn University, Alabama: Jacqueline K. Deuling, Roosevelt University, Illinois: Achilles A. Armenakis, Auburn University, Alabama Journal of...

Written by: Stevens, G. W., Deuling, J. K., & Armenakis, A. A.

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Roads to ruin: a study of major risk events. (2012)

"The authors investigated 18 high profile corporate crises of the last decade and analysed the failures that gave rise to each. Seven key issues emerged." Professors Derek Atkins, Chris Parsons...

Written by: Atkins, Parsons, Punter and Fitzsimmons.

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