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Accounting as a facilitator of extreme narcissism. (2010)

"..special features of financial accounting facilitate extreme narcissism in susceptible CEOs. Extremely narcissistic CEOs are key players in a recurring discourse cycle facilitated by financial accounting language and measures.  ...

Written by: Amernic, J and Craig R.

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Corporate psychopathy: talking the walk. (2010)

"Better vetting procedures to assess psychopathic traits may help prevent those who excel at ‘‘talking the walk’’ from sliding into the pre-management ranks. Even so, it is likely that sour...

Written by: Babiak, Paul; Neumann, Craig S.; Hare, Robert D.

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Splendors and miseries of the brain. (2009)

"People in powerful positions who reject the idea that exercising their power changes their brain’s neurobiology would do well to reflect on Zeki’s work illustrating the vulnerability of brain chemistry to...

Written by: Zeki, Semir.

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Cognitive archaeology: uses, methods and results. (2009)

".. authors have used retrospective analysis to describe preclinical linguistic decline in written texts and spoken language samples. This paper reviews the methods available for classifying and comparing such samples, and presents...

Written by: Garrard, Peter.

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A note on trader Sharpe ratios. (2009)

"Financial traders are assessed by how much money they make per unit of risk taken, known as the Sharpe Ratio.. a population of experienced traders attain Sharpe Ratios significantly higher than the...

Written by: Coates and Page.

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