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Conference 2012 notes: Session 2

This set features notes from the following presentations to session 2 (Hubris and neuroscience) of our conference ‘The Intoxication of power: From Neurosciences to hubris in healthcare and public life’.

The conference was held in association with the Psychiatry Section of the Royal Society of Medicine in London on 9 October 2012.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • From intoxication to addiction: Neurobiological substrates for hubris? – Professor Paul Fletcher, Bernard Wolfe Professor of Health Neuroscience, University of Cambridge
  • The biology of exuberance in the financial markets – Dr John Coates, Research Fellow in Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience, University of Cambridge
  • The emotional brain and decision making – Professor Guy Claxton, Professor of Learning Sciences and Co-Director, Centre for Real World Learning, University of Winchester
  • Response – Lord John Alderdice, Psychoanalyst and former Convenor, Northern Ireland Assembly

Download the notes here: Summary-of-session-2


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