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When doing good garners bad press (2018)

"Firms that engage in corporate social outreach should make sure to send consistent signals." Georg Wernicke, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Business Policy, HEC Paris. Insead Knowledge, 14 June 2018 Image: ksrecomm/ Flickr / (CC BY 2.0) Is a company donation to a c...

Written by: Georg Wernicke

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People who think their opinions are superior to others are most prone to overestimating their relevant knowledge and ignoring chances to learn more (2018)

Tom Stafford, psychologist at University of Sheffield. Research Digest, The British Psychological Society, 31 May 2018. Image: Head New research suggests that whilst one's opinion might be held superior without justification, the degree of their own belief can be dented or be shown otherwise. "...People who are convinced their beliefs are superior think they are better informed than other...

Written by: Tom Stafford

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Why it’s so hard to speak up against a toxic culture (2018)

"...Silence is pervasive in organizations due to the widely shared belief that speaking up about sensitive issues is futile or even dangerous." Francesca Gino, Harvard Business Review, 21 May 2018 "Those working in HR departments have the responsibility to assure that people are treated fairly at work. "But they may not give an employee’s complaint the attention it deserves when it is targeted to powerful executives, ...

Written by: Francesca Gino

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Epistemic vices in organizations: knowledge, truth, and unethical conduct (2018)

The conviction that one has authority or superiority where one in fact lacks it is a sign of epistemic hubris, and business leaders who possess this trait "indulge in a kind of delusional cognitive omnipotence." Baird, C. and Calvard, T S. Journal of Business Ethics, 1-14 The authors aim to draw new paths in "reevaluating the business ethics of truth, knowledge, and knowing", by combining aspects of the virtue of...

Written by: Christopher Baird, Thomas S Calvard

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How having power is like having brain damage: a new book explains why systems fail (2018)

'Meltdown. Why our systems fail and what we can do about it', Clearfield, C., & Tilcsik, A. Atlantic Books, 2018. Excerpt via The Star, 1 April 2018. A new book, titled 'Meltdown' aims to look at the complexity of "failures", from catastrophic disasters, to mundane mistakes, and how their commonality can be dealt with in order to avoid future ordeals. "...Neuroscience shows that [a] desire for conformity isn’t just ...

Written by: Chris Clearfield & Andras Tilcsik

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Why toxic people get ahead (2018)

Templer, K. J. Personality and Individual Differences, Volume 124, 1 April 2018

New research indicates that some character traits found in some leaders can be 'dark', yet rewarded. The paper, titled Dark personality, job performance ratings, and the role of political skill: An indication of why toxic people may get ahead at work, opens by stating:...

Written by: Daedalus admin

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