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A cross cultural exploratory study of the linkage between emotional intelligence and managerial effectiveness. (2003)

" low power distance cultures like as the United States and United Kingdom, self‐awareness of interactive skills may be crucial relative to effectiveness whereas in high PD cultures, such as Malaysia, self‐awareness of controlling skills may be crucial relative to effectiveness. Frank Shipper, Joel Kincaid, Denise M. Rotondo, Richard C. Hoffman, I: Salisbury University, Maryland, USA The International Journal of Organiza...

Written by: Shipper, F., Kincaid, J. F., Rotondo, D. M., & Hoffman IV, R. C.

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A culture of mania: a psychoanalytic view of the incubation of the 2008 credit crisis. (2011)

"The financial turmoil of 2008 (was) preceded by an incubation period lasting for over two decades during which a culture of mania developed .. a culture comprised of denial; omnipotence; triumphalism; and over-activity.   Prof Mark Stein, Chair in Leadership and Management, School of Management, University of Leicester Organization, 18(2) 173–186 “The financial turmoil of 2008 constituted a ...

Written by: Stein, Prof Mark.

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A first-rate madness: uncovering the links between leadership and mental illness. (2011)

"The very qualities that mark those with mood disorders—realism, empathy, resilience, and creativity—also make for the best leaders in times of crisis. Nassir Ghaemi,  Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, where he directs the Mood Disorders Program  A "myth-shattering exploration" of the powerful connections between mood illnesses (depression and bip...

Written by: Ghaemi, Nassir.

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A lack of succession planning is bad for business. (2013)

"Allowing a corporate leader to overstay his or her useful time at the top is harmful. Some leaders can change, and develop an acquired personality disorder, after wielding power.   Stefan Stern, Financial Times writer, 22 November 2013 Much damage can be done to a business, and much value destroyed, by the wrong chief executive. But allowing a corporate leader to overstay his or her useful time at the to...

Written by: Stern, Stefan.

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A motivational model of leadership: predicting long-term management success from TAT measures of power motivation and responsibility. (1999)

"In an AT&T longitudinal study of managers, managerial success after sixteen years is predicted by “responsible power,” which is a combination of TAT-based (Thematic Apperception Test) measures of power motivation and responsibility.   David G Winter, University of Michigan The Leadership Quarterly 01/1991; DOI:10.1016/1048-9843(91)90023-U In an AT&T longitudinal study of managers, managerial success ...

Written by: Winter, David G.

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A New Pharaoh and the Fiscal Cliff. (2012)

"Morsi has to realize for the sake of Egypt’s future that his own brain function is being distorted by the very measures he is introducing to impose “order” on the “mess” of democracy.   Professor Ian Robertson, holder of the Chair in Psychology at Trinity College Dublin In 'Where the Brain and Society Meet', 28 November 2012. Whatever you think of the current standoff between President Barak Obama and t...

Written by: Robertson, Ian.

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A note on trader Sharpe ratios. (2009)

"Financial traders are assessed by how much money they make per unit of risk taken, known as the Sharpe Ratio.. a population of experienced traders attain Sharpe Ratios significantly higher than the broad market.   John M. Coates Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom Lionel Page Westminster Business School, London, United Kingdom PLoS One 4: 8036 Traders in the fi...

Written by: Coates and Page.

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A politician’s guide to handling hubris – radio clip. (2015)

“You have to avoid hubris, triumphalism… you’ve only got two or three years and after that you do lose the plot… (after our victory) in 1987 we thought it was a triumph and hubris did take over.” Kenneth Clarke Kenneth Clarke, former Chancellor in UK Conservative Party Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s government. Alastair Campbell, Director of Communications and Strategy for former UK Labour Prime Minister...

Written by: Clarke, Kenneth and Campbell, Alastair.

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A psychological analysis of Donald Trump’s speech patterns shows how he triumphed over GOP rivals.

“(Trump used) substantially more grandiosity and substantially less formality, ranked highest for using first person pronouns, had greater vocal dynamics…” Eric W. Dolan PsyPost 17 Aug 2017 Photo: ABC/ Ida Mae Astute Based on a study ‘Explaining Trump via communication style: Grandiosity, informality, and dynamism’ by Delroy L. Paulhus, University of British Columbia, together with Sara Ahmadian an...

Written by: Dolan, E.W., Paulhus, D. L., Ahmadian, S. & Azarshahi, S.

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A study of impending derailment and recovery of middle managers across career stages. (2000)

"Of particular relevance to ... possible behavioural antecedents of hubris as indicated in linguistic markers, past experiences of success/failure etc. on the part of those coming to positions of business leadership." Frank Shipper, Salisbury State University, Maryland John E. Dillard Jr., President of The Center for Strategic Management & Marketing, Tampa, Florida Human Resource Management Journal, Winter 2000, ...

Written by: Shipper, F., & Dillard, Jr., J. E.

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