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Fresh blood: why everyone fell for Theranos (2018)

Charged with "massive fraud", Elizabeth Holmes has plummeted from the pedestal she built for herself Andrew Hill, The Financial Times. Opinion, 19 March 2018 Image: Elizabeth Holmes, 2014. Credit: Max Morse, TechCrunch/ Wikimedia Commons "...It is no surprise to find the founder of Theranos at the centre of one of the world’s oldest and best-known tales: genesis, hubris, crisis, nemesis." "There is a dark side to ...

Written by: Andrew Hill

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Special Issue: Beyond the bright side: dark personality in the workplace. (2015)

“..dedicated to closing gaps in our knowledge about negative aspects of organisational behaviour, particularly the role that dark personality plays in the workplace and in predicting negative organisational behaviour." Various authors Applied Psychology, January 2015, Volume 64, Issue 1 “While a recent movement towards positive psychology calls for a stronger focus on the positive aspects of life and psycholo...

Written by: Applied Psychology.

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Three questions humble leaders ask. (2016)

"To prevent excessive narcissism, leaders need to look for critical voices, adversity and outside contact. Annet Aris, Adjunct Professor, INSEAD. Insead Knowledge, 23 Aug 2016. A degree of narcissism is required to be an inspirational and visionary leader … Too much narcissism, however, leads to megalomania, manipulative behaviour and a focus on one’s own power and status instead of the interests of the company, empl...

Written by: Aris, Annet.

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Overlapping semantics of leadership & heroism: Expectations of omnipotence, identification with ideal leaders & disappointment in real managers. (2015)

‘Leaders’ and ‘heroes’ are so tightly linked in our semantic construction of the world that speaking of one easily evokes associations with the other.   Jan Ketil Arnulf; BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway Kai Rune Larsen; Leeds Business School, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. Scandinavian Psychologist, 2, e3. Photo: Ben Stanfield / Flickr. The advent of seemi...

Written by: Arnulf, J. K., & Larsen, K. R.

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Virtue, hubris and risk culture. (2014)

“Risk culture should be reimagined as a matter of integrity and a steadfast opposition to hubris and narcissistic traits.” Anthony Asher, Victoria Clout and Tracy Wilcox Paper presented to the Actuaries Institute Financial Services Forum, Sydney, May 2014. “Reports on the larger financial failures of recent times (of which we have referred to HIH, NAB and the Equitable) invariably blame poor culture and dominant pe...

Written by: Asher, Anthony ; Clout, Victoria; & Wilcox, Tracy.

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Pride and prejudice: how feelings about the self influence judgements of others. (2012)

"Hubristic pride can exacerbate prejudice, while a more self-confident, authentic pride may help to reduce racism and homophobia. How we feel about ourselves influences how we feel about people who are different from us   Claire E. Ashton-James, VU University Amsterdam Jessica L. Tracy, University of British Columbia Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 2012 38: 466 Hubristic pride can exacerbat...

Written by: Ashton-James, Tracy.

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England coach Allardyce forced out in disgrace after 1 game. (2016)

"It's a painful decision, but it's the right decision if we are to protect the integrity of The FA." Associated Press Mail Online, 28 September 2016 Image: AP Photo/Scott Heppell, file Having taken 25 years to reach the pinnacle of English soccer management, Allardyce was toppled after only 67 days by his hubris and indiscretions involving undercover journalists posing as businessmen. The English Football A...

Written by: Associated Press

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Guest blog: Hubris Syndrome – Metrics and Meaning. (2015)

Reflecting on the Hubris in Business and Management symposium hosted by Eugene Sadler-Smith and the Surrey Business School at the University of Surrey on 20 May 2015, the author Marc Atherton asks "what form of measure could be appropriate for assessing Hubris Syndrome?" Daedalus: Hubris Syndrome – Metrics and Meaning. Marc Atherton MSc, CPsychol, CSci, AFBPsS, FRSA, MRAeS, EuroPsy "Strive not to be a success...

Written by: Atherton, Marc.

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Roads to ruin: a study of major risk events. (2012)

"The authors investigated 18 high profile corporate crises of the last decade and analysed the failures that gave rise to each. Seven key issues emerged." Professors Derek Atkins, Chris Parsons and Alan Punter, all of Cass Business School: Anthony Fitzsimmons, Chairman of Reputability Sponsored by Crawford and Lockton, prepared by Cass Business School on behalf of Airmic. The authors investigated 18 high profile...

Written by: Atkins, Parsons, Punter and Fitzsimmons.

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Corporate psychopathy: talking the walk. (2010)

"Better vetting procedures to assess psychopathic traits may help prevent those who excel at ‘‘talking the walk’’ from sliding into the pre-management ranks. Even so, it is likely that sour cream will continue to rise to the top. Paul Babiak, HRBackOffice Craig S. Neumann, University of North Texas Robert D. Hare, University of British Columbia and Darkstone Research Group.  Behavioral Sciences &...

Written by: Babiak, Paul; Neumann, Craig S.; Hare, Robert D.

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