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CEO humility, narcissism and firm innovation: A paradox perspective on CEO traits. (2017)

"CEOs that are both humble and narcissistic are ... more likely to have socialized charisma, to cultivate an innovative culture, and to deliver innovative performance…" Hongyu Zhang, Central University of Finance and Economics, China: Amy Y. Ou, National University of Singapore: Anne S. Tsui, University of Notre Dame, USA; Peking University and Fudan University, China: Hui Wang, Peking University, China The Leadership Quarter...

Written by: Zhang, H., Ou, A. Y., Tsui, A. S., & Wang, H.

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Narcissism, director selection, and risk-taking spending. (2015)

“… when narcissistic chief executives interact with the board, they often meet not a moment of reckoning but their favourite thing: a mirror. David. H. Zhu, Arizona State University; Guoli Chen, INSEAD, Singapore. Strategic Management Journal, 36: 2075–2098. Much recent corporate governance research has considered the failure of boards to anticipate and prevent the risk-taking decisions that brou...

Written by: Zhu, D. H. and Chen, G.

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