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Research proposals response “excellent”. (2014)

Daedalus Trust’s call for research proposals which closed on 15 April 2014 generated an “excellent” response, according to Professor Nick Bouras, chairman of the advisory group.

“There was a high level of interest across the UK and internationally and the quality of proposals was uniformly strong. It’s clear there is a growing awareness amongst academics of the importance of exploring hubris, which Daedalus Trust believes is an occupational hazard for leaders in politics, business and other institutions.”

Researchers in neuroscience, business and management and social sciences were invited to apply for a share of £50,000 in enabling funding. Areas suggested for study included the possible effects on personality of exposure to power, the positive as well as the negative consequences of hubristic leadership, whether risk management practices might mitigate the effects of hubris and how hubristic leadership may be distinguished from the visionary.

Applicants were urged to take an interdisciplinary approach, ideally linking neuroscience to social and/or behavioural approaches.

The proposals received are now being evaluated by experts and Daedalus Trust plans to announce the successful projects by early summer.

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