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Start with the science: CEO compensation (it pays to be a narcissist). (2016)

“… how narcissistic leaders manage to extract more salary for themselves vs. less narcissistic ones and how more ethical cultures effectively screen out narcissists.

JP Elliott PhD, SVP Human Resources – US, The Brink’s Company
Part of Talent Quarterly’s ‘The Dark Side Issue’, Issue 8 2016

“Over the past few years there has been an increased interest in understanding the positive and negative influences of narcissist leaders on organizations…

“With past research on executive compensation demonstrating that the CEO often has a significant ability to influence his or her compensation and given narcissists’ tendency to be self serving, exploit others and have low empathy it is likely that narcissistic CEOs may demand and receive significantly higher levels of executive compensation compared to non-narcissistic CEOs.”

Buy the article here: Start with the science: CEO compensation

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