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The four biggest myths about female leaders. (2017)

“It’s not about capabilities, glass ceilings, personal interests or any of the typical excuses you’ll hear.”

Derek Lusk, Ph.D. and Jackie Broekhoven Sahm
From Talent Quarterly’s special ‘Female Talent’ issue.

From Talent Quarterly’s preview:

“If you think you understand why women are under-represented in leadership, think again. It’s not about capabilities, glass ceilings, personal interests or any of the typical excuses you’ll hear. Lusk and Sahm debunk the typical myths about female leaders and provide a five-step path to shifting your and your company’s mindset to a more fact-based place.”

This eArticle could make interesting reading for anyone interested in issues of power, gender and hubris – especially if you’re considering attending our conference addressing these issues on 9 May. If you haven’t already, check out the programme and top-flight speakers here: Power, Gender and Hubris

‘The four biggest myths about female leaders’ is available as a stand-alone eArticle and also as part of Talent Quarterly’s special issue on Female Talent.

TQ publishers note that when they published their first Female Talent issue more than two years ago, 23 women led Fortune 500 companies. “Since then, despite bold promises from corporate leaders, that number hasn’t budged. What’s gone wrong? Who (if anyone) is to blame? How will we make progress?

“….our authors dig into the data, find the core issues and offer plenty of surprising and practical solutions, presenting compelling perspectives on what’s wrong with our systems and leaders (and advising) women how to wrestle back the power they deserve…”

Other articles in the special TQ issue are:

  • Why we need more female CEOs – Joe Folkman, Joyce Palevitz, Jack Zenger
  • Women in the C-Suite: 4 Breakthrough Strategies – Brian Kropp
  • A nice woman’s guide to seizing power – Jeffrey Pfeffer
  • TQ’s Most Talented Women 2016 – The Editors of Talent Quarterly
  • Why women aren’t on top: two perspectives – Robert Kaiser, Wanda Wallace, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

Access the eArticle here: The four biggest myths about female leaders

Access the full set of articles here: The Talent Quarterly: the Female Talent issue

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    I am a management consultant specializing in Corporate Governance, Board Leadership and Issues in women leadership. I would like to read the full articles listed above on women’s issues in TQ.
    I would also like to get information on Women Leaders on the global front for my training programs.