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Book: The Narcissist Test – How to spot outsized egos… and the surprising things we can learn from them. (2015)

“narcissism is a spectrum … some level of it can make us better partners, courageous leaders, and intrepid explorers. Beware however of “extreme narcissists” who tend to be demanding, approval-seeking, manipulative.

Dr Craig Malkin, Instructor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School; licensed psychologist practitioner
Publisher: Harper Collins

Narcissism is all around us. We are a selfie-obsessed generation, surviving on a steady diet of reality shows that celebrate attention-seeking know-and-do-nothings and posting a whopping 500 million tweets a day to document our every thought and whim.

But what exactly is narcissism? An incurable disease set to ruin your future, a habit to be curbed, or a trait to be nurtured?

In this groundbreaking book, clinical psychologist Dr Craig Malkin offers a radically new picture of narcissism, showing us why being called a ‘narcissist’ isn’t necessarily such a bad thing after all.

Malkin defines narcissism as “a spectrum of self-importance”, explaining that “everyone falls somewhere on the scale between utter selflessness and total arrogance”.

He reveals why it is essential to embrace some level of narcissism in order to maintain a healthy sense of self-worth. “Feeling special, to a degree, can make us better lovers and partners, courageous leaders, and intrepid explorers.”

And he provides a helpful quiz you can use to tell if your manager, colleague, partner, child, or even you are a narcissist?

(Based on Amazon’s preview.)

A recent article in The Sunday Times reported Dr Malkin as saying “research shows that if we see ourselves as slightly superior to others, even if only privately, then we’re more likely to have happier relationships, to be more optimistic, to be more persistent in the face of failure and obstacles, to have greater self-esteem – all kinds of good things.”

Apparently it’s the “extreme narcissists” society should watch out for – those who “tend to be demanding, approval-seeking, manipulative”.

Purchase the book here: The Narcissist Test

Find out more about the Sunday Times article (which included the results of various of the paper’s writers who took the test) here: Me: the Narcissist test

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