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Trust makes £50,000 available for research. (2014)

Researchers in neuroscience, business and management and social sciences are being invited to apply for a share of £50,000 in enabling funding available now from the Daedalus Trust. Submissions are due by 15 April 2014.

“Hubris may be considered to be an occupational hazard for leading politicians, and for leaders in the military, business and other institutions,” the Trust says.

“More interdisciplinary research into the behaviour of leaders is needed to establish the existence, or otherwise, of an identifiable ‘Hubris Syndrome’. If such a syndrome were to be clearly identified, hubris might be easier to predict, prevent and even perhaps treat with appropriate interventions.”

Among a wide range of potential research areas the Trust has identified are the possible effects on personality of exposure to power, the positive as well as the negative consequences of hubristic leadership, whether risk management practices might mitigate the effects of hubris and how hubristic leadership may be distinguished from the visionary.

More information on hubris is available from the Resources section of this site.

Proposals should ideally link neuroscience to social and/or behavioural approaches. Priority will be given to applications from, or in collaboration with, academic institutions. Applications for PhD Scholarships and/or Research Fellowships will also be considered

For full documentation, download the Call For Research Proposals

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