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Trust-supported research explores new hubris dimension – time.

Another research project supported by the Daedalus Trust will provide “fresh insights into hubristic leadership”, according to its recently-released Abstract.

“There is little hubris research in business and management which has considered the critical importance and inescapability of time,” observes researcher Tim Wray, a PhD student at Surrey Business School (which is also supporting the project).

“Appreciating the role of time is at the heart of the processual perspective that underpins this research.”

Wray conceptualises hubristic leadership as an unfolding process. His project will analyse qualitative data on how two specific cases of hubristic leadership developed over time. These narrative accounts will then be analysed using processual research techniques of ‘temporal bracketing’ and ‘visual mapping’.

Phases in the process will be explored (‘de-composed’) and analysed to see how actions and events at one stage impact on the present and future.

“The applied contribution will be to assist practitioners interested in mitigating the risk of hubris to consider the temporal, social, and contextual dynamics of hubristic leadership alongside assessments of the hubris of individual leaders.”

View a PDF of the abstract here; Tim Wray Abstract 09 02 16

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