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Welcome to our new-look website. (2014)

If you’ve just started exploring hubris, you’re in the right place. If you previously visited the Daedalus Trust’s old site, you’re also in the right place but you’ll need to remember to bookmark our new address – (the old site will disappear shortly).

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New sections, better access

We’ve given our website a new look for all sorts of reasons.

We wanted to make our site work harder for people who are new to hubris by helping them to recognise its symptoms and impacts more quickly. That starts with a new home page spotlighting specific events in which Hubris Syndrome may have had a role. It’s supported by a new ‘About hubris’ section with full background.

We also wanted to help returning visitors and friends by providing improved access to our growing collection of resources. These are now better catalogued and displayed and, for the first time, ready to share with colleagues.

Getting active on social media

The re-design will facilitate a new, pro-active social media drive. We’ll soon be on LinkedIn, Twitter and in other social media, reaching into the academic, business and leadership communities and electronically ‘tapping people on the shoulder’ to get involved.

More access behind the scenes

Our main website address has changed to to reflect the global nature of the hubris debate (the old address will continue to link you straight through, however).

We’ve created other internet addresses too – including, and – to maximise our reach to people searching hubris who won’t know the Daedalus Trust.

Register, leave a comment – get involved

There are several ways you can help create a vibrant community based around our site.

  • Leave Comments about articles, books, papers and videos
  • ‘Follow’ us on Twitter, link your LinkedIn page to ours, like our Facebook page. On Twitter, look for Daedalus Trust @ Hubris Awareness; or Linked in we’re at Hubris Awareness: Daedalus Trust.
  • Register through our webiste
  • Contact us and share your thoughts about the site
  • Contribute material for the Grapevine
  • Share resources with colleagues.

We hope through this site we can help raise awareness about Hubris Syndrome and stimulate more thinking about the issue.


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  1. Dr Benedict Eccles says:

    Very stimulating conference on leadership: Stress and Hubris today. I will integrate opinions and thinking into The Emerging Leaders programme at Roffey Park – the subject tackles leadership inefficacy in a nutshell and balances over-reliance on traditional models used in development programmes. I wholly condone the use of mentors, fixed tenures, court jesters etc as antidotes along with established EI tools.
    Thanks Daedalus Trust.

    • Daedalus admin says:

      Thanks Dr Eccles. We were delighted with the turnout and the event as a whole. We hope you will refer us to your colleagues.

  2. John Clarke says:

    South African politics is in a worsening state of crisis. I have published insights gained from my study of The Hubris Syndrome, and attracted interest. See, I would value comment and guidance from those ahead of me on the learning curve.

  3. John Clarke says:

    Feedback sought from experts to crit my use of the Hubris Syndrome to shed light on a major unfolding catastrophe in South African political and economic life. See, and “Notes on the Hubris Syndrome and the Dopamine Effect” at,
    Many thanks.