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The most important four words a leader can say (2017)

"Vulnerability loops are most powerful in moments of stress..."people either dig in and become defensive, and start justifying, and a lot of tension gets created."" Coyle, D. Daniel Coyle, author...

Written by: The most important four words a leader can say

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Gut check: have you succumbed to hubris? (2017)

“…Sometimes, those who succumb to hubris can act like toddlers. (A) recent example is the video of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick berating one of his drivers..." Vince Molinaro, best-selling author and...

Written by: Molinaro, V.

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Addicted to success. (2013)

“.. it was up to (academic Diederik Stapel) to resist the siren call of fame. However … who played the role of playground pusher and led him to where he...

Written by: Ogrizek, I.

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Why so many leaders fail and derail. (2016)

“…derailment and disappointment among leaders are as common as success. Prof. Adrian Furnham, University College London Psychology Today 25 Aug 2016 "There are more than 70,000 books with ‘leadership’ in...

Written by: Furnham, Adrian.

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