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Tapping into the power of humble narcissism

"...if you work with a narcissist, don’t try to lower their confidence. Just temper it with humility." Adam Grant, Organisational psychology, Wharton University. Ideas.Ted.Com, 14 March 2018 Image: Ben Stanfield,...

Written by: Daedalus admin

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Fresh blood: why everyone fell for Theranos (2018)

Charged with "massive fraud", Elizabeth Holmes has plummeted from the pedestal she built for herself Andrew Hill, The Financial Times. Opinion, 19 March 2018 Image: Elizabeth Holmes, 2014. Credit: Max Morse,...

Written by: Andrew Hill

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Hubris and Sciences

"The speed of communications in contemporary times, combined with the widespread application of social media and easy access to large groups of people, might predispose to both collective and individual...

Written by: Eleftherios P Diamandis, Nick Bouras

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