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Could your personality derail your career? (2017)

"Research over decades suggests that it’s very difficult to change core aspects of your personality after age 30. But you can—through self-awareness, appropriate goal setting, and persistence..." Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, CEO...

Written by: Daedalus admin

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Putting an end to leaders’ self-serving behavior (2017)

"...when there’s ambiguity in the context, people convince themselves that they deserve more resources than others, a form of motivated reasoning that in turn facilitate[s] their self-serving behavior." Morela Hernandez, associate...

Written by: Hernandez, M.

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The psychological structure of humility. (2016)

“..humility is uniformly operationalized as a positive, socially desirable construct… (however) we found humility takes two distinct forms, ‘appreciative’ and ‘self-abasing’…” Aaron C. Weidman, University of British Columbia; Joey T Cheng, University...

Written by: Weidman, A. C., Cheng, J. T., & Tracy, J. L

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