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CEO overconfidence and ambidextrous innovation. (2017)

“...overconfident CEOs are more apt to create or magnify an imbalance in innovation ambidexterity.” Ying-Jiuan Wong, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Taiwan; Cheng-Yu Lee, Southern Taiwan University of Science and...

Written by: Wong, Y. J., Lee, C. Y., & Chang, S. C

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Humility and tone at the top. (2017)

"...leader-expressed humility correlates positively with both employee job engagement and employee job satisfaction and correlates negatively with voluntary job turnover." International Leadership Journal, pp 54-71 Volume 9, Issue 2, Summer...

Written by: Friedman, H. H., Fischer, D., & Schochet, S.

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The double-edged sword of leader charisma: Understanding the curvilinear relationship between charismatic personality and leader effectiveness. (2017)

“…charismatic tendencies become maladaptive, particularly in relation to leader effectiveness, when taken too far.” Jasmine Vergauwe, Ghent University, Belgium; Bart Wille, University of Antwerp, Belgium; Joeri Hofmans, Vrije Universiteit Brussel,...

Written by: Vergauwe, J., Wille, B., Hofmans, J., Kaiser, R. B., & De Fruyt, F.

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