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Conference 16 June: Narcissism & destructive leadership. (2017)

Our colleagues at ESRC (the Economic & Social Research Council) have alerted us to what promises to be a fascinating event in London on 16 June examining “the status and utility of conceptualisations of narcissistic personality disorder and narcissistic cultures.”

The organisers note that “the idea that ‘narcissistic’ individuals can wreak havoc when in positions of power has received much public attention recently…

“The fit between clinical formulations of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the behaviour of such individuals seems strong… (However), serious questions have been raised about the utility of such psychological concepts in deciphering what might be better understood as more complex sociopolitical phenomena.”

Examining other potential influences, including socio-cultural conditions that create or encourage such states of mind, will be:

  • Professor Mark Stein (University of Leicester)
  • Professor Elizabeth Lunbeck (Harvard University) ‘The Narcissistic Appeal of Donald Trump.’
  • Professor Paul Hoggett (Emiritus, University of West of England) ‘The Malady of the Ideal.’
  • Professor Barry Richards (Bournemouth University). ‘Malignant Leadership and its cultural supports.’
  • Dr Lindsey Nichols (London Southbank University). ‘ Bystanders; part of a perverse process in narcissistic leadership.’
  • Michael Maynard (Maynard-Leigh Associates).

Attendance is free, but you need to register and interest is already high. Full details here: Narcissism and destructive leadership

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