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Trump’s 257 self-references in speech may suggest hubris. (2016)

In his 45 minute speech announcing his presidential candidacy, Donald Trump used ‘I’ a total of 195 times, ‘my’ or ‘mine’ 28 times, ‘me’ 22 times and ‘I’ve’ or ‘I’d’ 12 times, a grand total of 257 self-references which could be an indication of hubris.

The observation was made by Vita Akstinaite addressing a workshop at Ashridge Business School’s recent ‘Hubris in the Coaching Relationship’ conference. (A report on proceedings at the conference will be published on this website soon.)

Ms Akstinaite is researching the use of linguistic markers in identifying chief executives’ Hubris.

“Statements leaders make in public speeches, interviews, press releases, letters to shareholders, reports or in other documents or settings are reflections of their personality change and cognition.”

Her workshop offered a series of propositions about hubris, natural language use and personality, and explored how signs of hubris can be identified in one’s natural language in order to militate against the failure of business organisations accruing from undiagnosed and unbridled executive hubris. Such methods as linguistic behaviours, use of existing Hubris Syndrome symptomology and machine learning were explored in detail.

“What things can you notice? How can you ‘feel’ that shift in someone’s language? What makes you think that ‘something is not right’ here? What are the elements of their verbal communication that stand out?”

Vita Akstinaite

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