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Why so many leaders fail and derail. (2016)

“…derailment and disappointment among leaders are as common as success.

Prof. Adrian Furnham, University College London
Psychology Today 25 Aug 2016

“There are more than 70,000 books with ‘leadership’ in their title, but almost none about a common phenomenon…There may be studies of wicked, evil leaders … but there is almost nothing on the taboo subject of the ordinary wunderkind who lost the plot.

“There have been 12 papers published over the last 25 years that have made good estimates of management failure, the average of which is 47%. This kind of failure extends from imprisonment (for corruption, etc) and sacking, to premature resignation.

“…In short, derailment and disappointment among leaders are as common as success.

“…The problem can’t simply be brushed under the boardroom carpet any more.

“…the paradox is that most of these failed leaders …. were once the high flyers, and the very qualities that helped them climb to the top also led to their demise. But for many (especially those who appointed them), their failures come as a great surprise, though the clues were always there, waiting to be discovered.

“…it’s important that those involved in selecting CEOs look for evidence of characteristics that they do not want, as well as for those that they do.

“…Organizations can reduce rather than prevent or eliminate the prospect of their senior leaders and managers derailing by ensuring good governance and strong management processes.”

Access the full blog here: Why so many leaders fail and derail.

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