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Dedicated to exploring hubris

There is a growing body of opinion that the exercise of power can distort thinking and create personality changes in leaders that affect their decision making. The Daedalus Trust’s mission is to raise awareness of such changes and understand them better.

dreamart_icarus_optThe Daedalus Trust is a registered charity founded in 2011 by Lord David Owen.


Its mission is primarily to raise awareness of hubris and Hubris Syndrome in public and business life, and secondarily to encourage multi-disciplinary research and generate financial support to seed-fund worthwhile research projects.


Since its formation, the Trust has actively pursued its mission in a variety of ways that include:

All these events and services are designed to help boards, directors, managers, recruiters, academics, business thinkers and journalists identify, mitigate or manage the catastrophic effects hubris can have.

“A good case could be made… that hubris is at the root of the ills that have plagued businesses in recent years.” Mathew Hayward, associate professor of management, University of Colorado.

About our name

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In Greek mythology, Daedalus advised his son Icarus to be bold enough to fly but not to fly so high that the sun’s heat would melt the wax of the wings he had fashioned for him.

Thrilled by his initial aerobatic successes, Icarus ignored his father’s advice and paid the ultimate price – a sobering demonstration of unjustified self confidence and the abuse of power.