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How testosterone can make men kind and generous: Experts reveal the 5 weird ways it changes behaviour. (2016)

“..For every question scientists answer on testosterone, more are raised in its place

Harry Pettit
MailOnline 30 December 2016.

“Testosterone has long been associated with aggression and competition in men. But the versatile sex hormone can also impact a range of emotional states including empathy, generosity, of corruption, and risk taking.

“Experts speculate that there may be more to the hormone than first thought, and that testosterone could be just as useful for cooperation as competition.”

The article reports on various studies into testosterone (many of them detailed on this Daedalus Trust site tagged with ‘Hormone’) and finds that:

  • Elevated testosterone reduced women’s ability to empathise with others effectively.
  • “Testosterone is the root of men’s irresponsible behaviour” – causing risk-taking that may destabilise our financial markets. On a simulated trading floor researchers found that ‘traders’ given doses of testosterone invested more in risky assets.
  • High levels of testosterone can make people prone to corruption.

“While testosterone is clearly a vital hormone for encouraging competitive behaviour, it is far from a one-trick pony.

“Some research has suggested that testosterone, typically associated with aggression, may be the source of kindness, friendliness and fair play.

“The preconception that testosterone only causes aggressive or egotistic behaviour in humans is thus clearly refuted.

“It seems that for every question scientists answer on testosterone, more are raised in its place.”

Access the full article here: How testosterone can make men kind and generous

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