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International leadership and business conference – How purpose and compassion unlock positive impact. 9 May 2018

The Compassionate Mind Foundation are organising a one-day conference named ‘International Leadership and Business Conference: How Purpose and Compassion Unlock Positive Impact’, held at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in London, on 9 May 2018.

“In a world where the old rules of business no longer seem fit for purpose, organisations are looking with some urgency to their leaders for a vision of how business can be successful, ethical and sustainable.”

The conference “brings together internationally recognised speakers and participants from the world of business and academia. Together, we will consider how leaders harness the powers of purpose and compassion to build robust corporate cultures of success that can also then serve as integral contributors to a flourishing society.”

The conference may be of interest to readers, as it sets out to explore the following:

“The latest scientific research on the effects of compassion cultivation on individual well-being, creativity and the benefits to corporate culture and business success.

“Why and how positive purpose as a motivating principle can be of benefit to businesses and the societies in which they operate, and the degree to which compassion can offset dispositions for narrow competitive advantage and short- term profit maximisation.

“What compassionate leadership is and is not, and how its core features are courage and wisdom. How compassion is linked to one of our core evolved motivational systems in the human brain.”

Speakers include

Bruce Daisley; EMEA Vice President of Twitter, Timothy Henry; Co-founder Conscious Capitalism Inc., Louise Chester; Founder and Managing Director of Mindfulness at Work, and Prof. Lord Layard; Professor of Economics at LSE and Co-founder of Action for Happiness.

For a full-programme of speakers, please refer to the attached PDF link: Leadership Conference 9 May

For further details of the conference and to book, follow the links below:

01332 742722

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