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The role of behavioral research and profiling in malicious cyber insider investigations. (2006)

How linguistic analysis has been used to identify potential cyber-terrorists

Eric D. Shaw, George Washington University, Washington DC
Digital Investigation, Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2006, Pages 20–31

A number of articles and papers referenced on our site have discussed using linguistic analysis to identify leaders who have succumbed to Hubris Syndrome. The second half of this paper from the world of corporate security details ways this community has used this tool to help identify potential cyber terrorists.

“A treatise on remote psychological profiling techniques is beyond the scope of this work. However, there are two general categories of content analysis approaches important to summarize.

“The first approach involves the quantitative assessment of the distribution of psycholinguistic characteristics to determine psychological traits…

“The second approach is derived from clinical psychology and involves the inference of psychological characteristics from qualitative analysis of content based on psychological theories and diagnostic criteria.”

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