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Daedalus Trust merging with Maudsley Philosophy Group

The Daedalus Trust has operated for over seven years now. We have achieved much in that time, particularly in raising awareness of the dangers of hubris in leaders in all walks of life, whether politics, the military or business.

We have established an informative website of mainly academic material now referred to worldwide, organised several research cafes, four national conferences, published one book with another one to be released shortly and supported research with the outcomes starting to be published in peer review journals. We have valued the contacts we have built up over these years from people like yourself who have expressed an interest in the Trust’s work.

The Trust is now at a crossroads. The Trustees believe the time is right to embed the Trust in an academic setting but not in a University Department. Accordingly they have decided to merge the Trust with the Maudsley Philosophy Group, a UK Charity Commission-registered organisation.

The MPG’s aims and interests already overlap with those of the Daedalus Trust. However, MPG is planning to add specific wording to its objectives registered with the Charity Commission to show that it is widening its interests to specifically include a focus on research into personality traits associated with leadership. One or two Daedalus Trust members will become Maudsley Philosophy Group trustees to ensure a degree of continuity.

It is right that a much younger grouping now take up the cudgels. It will be very helpful for the work of the Trust to sit within a broader umbrella group encompassing mainly psychiatrists but also psychologists and neuroscientists. With its link to King’s College it may also be much easier for the Group to attract grants for research work.

The Charity Commission has now approved the merger and the administrative necessities will be complete by the end of October 2017.

This website in the Daedalus Trust name will continue under MPG’s aegis and be regularly updated with new material.

If you’re on our mailing list, we will be contacting you directly to confirm that you would be happy for your contact details to be passed on to MPG so that you can be kept informed about future work relating to issue of hubris. In case for some reason you’re not contacted, you can simply email the word “YES” to our database manager on

For any future contact please refer to the administrator of the Maudsley Philosophy Group: Mr Felix Warnock, email:

Thank you for your support to this stage and we hope you will continue to remain engaged.

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