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Horrible bosses: Why smart leaders make ‘stupid’ decisions. (2015)

“We make hundreds of decisions every single day. But … about 50% of them are wrong”. Chamorro-Premuzic explains why smart leaders make ‘stupid’ decisions.

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic ,CEO at Hogan Assessments, Professor of Business Psychology at University College London (UCL), Visiting Professor at Columbia University
Interview for Business News Network BNN TV. 22 June 2015 (9 mins)

“Decision-making is flawed because of the environment we live in which forces us to process too much information …. We are overwhelmed with information and that forces us to rely on shortcuts. Instead of following logical and analytical thought paths… we need to make quick impulsive decisions … then after we make the decision we rationalise why we made that decision in a way that makes us feel more comfortable and rational… in our own eyes.”

Watch the video here: Horrible bosses

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