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Hubris and Nemesis in Heads of Government. (2006)

“Holy wars breed arrogance, ignite hubris and are followed all too often by nemesis….. (Bush and Blair were) Bparticularly susceptible to being swept up with the intoxication of power.

Lord David Owen, House of Lords, London
J R Soc Med November 2006 vol. 99 no. 11 548-551
Article based on Lord Owen’s book ‘In Sickness and in Power’

 “The centralizing nature of US President George W Bush and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair was such that they were both in search of more power and were therefore particularly susceptible to being swept up with the intoxication of power.


“It is important, for those who believe in the decisive leadership of representative democracies, to analyse the nature of Blair and Bush’s incompetent leadership and its links to hubris. They did not lack courage in deciding to invade Iraq. What they lacked were the skills and attention to detail to foresee and plan for all the possible scenarios that would face the military they ordered into battle.


“After his handling of the Lebanon crisis, nemesis struck. Blair was told by Labour MPs that they were no longer ready to let him stay as Prime Minister beyond June 2007 and many wanted him gone before then.”

Access the full article here: Hubris and Nemesis in Heads of Government

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