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Conference June 13: Working with hubris in the coaching relationship.

Anyone involved in executive coaching or leadership generally should book now for what promises to be a fascinating day conference on 13 June 2016.

A full, but informal, report on proceedings is available here: AshridgeReport

The Daedalus Trust has held extremely successful conferences in past years working with Psychiatry Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, Cambridge Judge Business School and the British Psychological Society. This year we are coordinating with the Ashridge Centre for Coaching which is based in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire.

The stimulating programme features lectures and workshops exploring the genesis of hubris and its far-reaching consequences and sessions dedicated to understanding how resilience and vulnerability can provide an antidote to hubris.

“Ordinary levels of confidence and resilience are essential qualities for developing a successful career. However, an executive’s self-belief can be reinforced by their success to the point when they become unwilling or unable to hear contrary views, and sometimes even to acknowledge facts which might disconfirm their self-belief and self-image. This is the point at which they become a liability to themselves and their organisations.

“How do we work effectively with such clients? How do we connect with clients who truly see ‘no issues’ when they have been referred to us and others clearly tell a different story?”

For full details about the conference and to secure your place, book now at Hubris in the coaching relationship

Also, read a blog from Erik de Haan, who will be speaking at the conference: Working with vulnerability in coaching.

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