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Grappling with the gods: Reflections for coaches of the narcissistic leader. (2010)

“A practical reflection of narcissism in organizations and core issues coaches may face (in dealing with it).”

Kerri S. Kearney, Associate Professor, Oklahmoa State University
International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching & Mentoring, 8(1).

“While the general research literature has addressed narcissistic behaviours in executive leaders, the effect of its presence on the success of the executive coaching process has not been explored. The predominance of narcissism in our executives, however, has been established – making it likely that coaches will deal with these types of behavioural tendencies.

“Drawing from interviews, an organizational survey and observations at a single organizational site, as well as broader coaching experiences, this article offers a practical reflection of narcissism in the organizational environment and presents core issues that coaches may face.

“It also suggests some possible guidelines for coaching this type of client and considers how much we as coaches should endeavor to assist our clients in changing this aspect of themselves.”

Access the full paper here: Grappling with the gods


If this coaching practitioners’ perspective is relevant to you, consider attending the conference to be held on 13 June 2016 at the Ashridge Centre for Coaching, Hertfordshire, UK.

It will be addressing the questions of “how do coaches work effectively with hubristic clients? How do we connnect with clients who truly see ‘no issues’ when they have been referred to us and others clearly tell a different story?”

Find information here: Working with hubris in the coaching relationship

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