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Memo to the CEO: are you the source of workplace dysfunction? (2017)

"The risks of turning insensitive and unkind to others increase as you become more senior." Sutton, R. Professor of Management science at Stanford Engineering School McKinsey Quarterly, September 2017. Artwork: Pixabay "...A Google Scholar search on abusive supervision from 2008 to 2016 returns 5,670 scholarly articles and ...

Written by: Prof. Robert I. Sutton

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Power can corrupt leaders. Compassion can save them. (2018)

"...Power impairs our mirror-neurological activity — the neurological function that indicates the ability to understand and associate with others." Hougaard, R., Carter, J. and Chester, L. Harvard Business Review, 15 February 2018 Image: Pexels "...Research by neuroscientist Sukhvinder Obhi, ...has found that power impairs our mirror-neurological activity — the neurological function that indicates ...

Written by: Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter, Louise Chester

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The Virility Paradox: The vast influence of testosterone on our bodies, minds, and the world we live in (2018)

High levels of testosterone "will deplete compassion and generosity, and even reduce the affection we show our children." Ryan, Charles J. The Virility Paradox: The Vast Influence of Testosterone on Our Bodies, Minds, and the World We Live In. BenBella Books, 2018 A new book titled: The Virility Paradox: The Vast Influence of Testosterone on Our Bodies, Minds, and ...

Written by: Charles J Ryan

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The dynamics of intuition and analysis in managerial and organizational decision making (2017)

A new paper concerned with the dynamics of conscious and non-conscious cognitive processes on behaviours in the workplace environment, is released. Hodgkinson G., and Sadler-Smith E. The Academy of Management Perspectives, November 2017

"This article contributes to the growing body of research and scholarship in management and organization studies (MOS) concerning the dynamics...

Written by: Gerard Hodgkinson and Eugene Sadler-Smith

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Self-esteem, tenure, and narcissistic leader’s performance (2016)

"...Narcissists often make a very good first impression, but a narcissistic leader can prove costly for an organisation, [as] such leaders often become unpopular after a short period of time (Paulhus, 1998)."

Peltokangas, H.  Vaasa University Finland International Journal of Business and Social Research, 5 (12), 26-39. Image: Pexels 

"According to a new study from the Universit...

Written by: Hanna Peltokangas

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The strategic decisions that caused Nokia’s failure (2017)

...Success breeds conservatism and hubris which, over time, results in a decline of the strategy processes leading to poor strategic decisions. Doz, Y. INSEAD Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management Knowledge, 23 Nov 2017 Image: CSIRO / Wikimedia Commons "The moves that led to Nokia’s decline paint a cautionary t...

Written by: Yves Doz

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The differential effects of CEO narcissism and hubris on corporate social responsibility (2018)

"...findings from a large sample of U.S. publicly listed firms suggest that narcissistic CEOs care more about corporate social responsibility, but hubristic CEOs care less." Tang, Y., Mack, D. Z., & Chen, G. Strategic Management Journal. Image: Strategic Management Journal "Some CEOs are more narcissistic while others may be more hubristic, but these two groups of CEOs hold different attitudes towar...

Written by: Tang, Y., Mack, D. Z., & Chen, G

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