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The Sneetches. (2016)

"One bulwark against hubris bias or conformity bias comes from placing decision-making in the hands of a committee, diverse in its composition, independent in its mindset. Andrew G. Haldane, Chief...

Written by: Haldane, Andrew

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The rise of toxic leaders in organisations. (2016)

“In.. two decades as an executive coach ... I’ve seen a disproportionate share of toxic leaders... Here are some things I’ve learned as a result of my experiences. Ray Williams, coaching practitioner International...

Written by: Williams, Ray.

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Are you an alpha male leader? (2016)

“In my role as an executive coach, rather than condemning alphas for their power-driven, abrasive behaviour, I find it useful to start by focusing on their positive qualities..." Manfred Kets...

Written by: Kets de Vries, Manfred

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Working with vulnerability in coaching. (2016)

“For ancient Greeks the antidote to hubris was ‘sophrosyne’, which literally means healthy-mindedness…..” Erik de Haan, Director Centre for Coaching, Ashridge Executive Education Ashridge Insights Blog, 18 February 2016. “At...

Written by: de Haan, Erik.

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Leadership and hubris. (2016)

"Zaleznik’s warning (about hubris) resonated in my mind as I learned about James Comey, the head of the FBI, and his October 28 letter to Congress…" Bert A. Spector, Associate...

Written by: Spector, Bert A.

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Why we select toxic leaders. (2016)

Toxic individuals take advantage of the cues we use to identify high potential. David Rock, NeuroLeadership Institute executive director, NeuroLeadership Group CEO Psychology Today, 7 Nov 2016. Extracts: Humans… have...

Written by: Rock, David.

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Why macho leadership still thrives. (2016)

"…Today’s macho culture can only continue at the cost of rising conflict, health problems and increasing numbers of people facing a warped and debilitating existence.” Ray Williams, executive coach and...

Written by: Williams, Ray.

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