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Kozlowski: the CEO who went to jail. (2016)

“Good times... had me believe my own success… I had the feeling I had done nothing wrong.” Financial Times, Companies & management, 24 October 2016 Andrew Hill, FT management...

Written by: Hill, Andrew.


Does power make you mad? (BBC radio programme: 2015)

Owen Bennett Jones speaks with a distinguished group of journalists, academics, psychologists, diplomats and politicians (including Lord David Owen, founder of the Daedalus Trust) to discuss the merits and abuses...

Written by: Jones, Owen Bennett


From the power of language to the language of power. (2015)

"...simple transformations of texts ... can expose unseen information reflecting a writer’s cognitive status, mental life, and even personality... Peter Garrard, neurologist and neuroscientist at St George's Hospital Medical School, London....

Written by: Garrard, Peter.