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Your body language shapes who you are. (2012)

“Power posing”, standing in a posture of confidence, can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain Amy Cuddy, social psychologist TED Talk June 2012.  “We know that our minds...

Written by: Cuddy, Amy.


Research Cafe 1 (2011) – preview

Geoff Marlow,  a member of the Deadalus Trust Steering Committee introduces the upcoming Research Cafe and the hopes for what it will achieve. The Cafe was held in conjunction with...

Written by: Marlow, Geoff.


Lord Owen: what is Hubris Syndrome? (2011)

An introduction to the concept of Hubris Syndrome and how it manifests in leaders. “.. I’ve grown increasingly worried about … the way in which decisions are made … by leaders, and...

Written by: Owen, Lord David.


Dr John Coates: role of hormones in risk-taking. (2011)

Dr John Coates discusses the study of hormone levels in City traders which indicates increased testosterone associated with success leading to tendency to take bigger risks; cyclical process: higher testosterone, bigger...

Written by: Coates, Dr John.