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Power, optimism and risk-taking. (2006)

"..investigated the hypotheses that the sense of power increases optimism in perceiving risks and leads to more risky behaviour. ...individuals with a higher generalized sense of power were more optimistic...

Written by: Anderson and Galinsky.

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Power and perspectives not taken. (2006)

"Experiencing power seems to almost instantly impair an individual's ability to appreciate the perspectives of others. ..power leads individuals to anchor too heavily on their own vantage point, insufficiently adjusting...

Written by: Galinsky, Magee, Inese and Gruenfeld.

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Leadership and the psychology of power. (2005)

“…power is disinhibiting… to understand leadership behaviour it is important to consider the psychological effects of power on the leader” Joe C. Magee, Deborah. H. Gruenfeld; Stanford University Dacher J....

Written by: Magee, J. C., Gruenfeld, D. H., Keltner, D., & Galinsky, A. D.

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From power to action. (2003)

"...investigated the hypothesis that power increases an action orientation in the power holder, even in contexts where power is not directly experienced.   Galinsky, A. D., Northwestern University Gruenfeld, D.H....

Written by: Galinsky, Gruenfeld and Magee.

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