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Why neuroscience matters to executives. (2007)

" can recent developments in neuroscience be applied to organizational management? Do these lessons pertain to all types of organizational interaction? Is there research that indicates the most effective way to introduce...

Written by: Rock & Schwartz.

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Hubris and Nemesis in Heads of Government. (2006)

“Holy wars breed arrogance, ignite hubris and are followed all too often by nemesis..... (Bush and Blair were) Bparticularly susceptible to being swept up with the intoxication of power. Lord David Owen,...

Written by: Owen, Lord David

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Confessions of a trusted counsellor. (2005)

“Operating so close to power can be intoxicating. But you also face dilemmas that could derail you, your client, or your client’s company. David A. Nadler, Chairman Mercer Delta Consulting,...

Written by: Nadler, David A.

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