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Power changes how the brain responds to others. (2013)

"By tracking participants' brains,  the authors found that empathy for a colleague performing an action was high amongst ‘powerless’ people, but much lower amongst people who were ‘powerful’.   Jeremy...

Written by: Hogeveen, Inzlicht and Obhi.

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Linguistic biomarkers of Hubris syndrome. (2013)

"The researchers ..examined.. the speeches of two UK Prime Ministers said to meet criteria for hubris syndrome (Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair) and one (John Major) who did not.  ...

Written by: Garrard, Rentoumi, Lambert, Owen.

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The dark triad of personality: A 10 year review. (2013)

Reviews the preceding 10 years' research into Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy, addressing key issues and controversies Adrian Furnham and Steven C. Richards, University College London; and Delroy L. Paulhus, University...

Written by: Furnham, Adrian; Richards, Steven C; Paulhus, Delroy L.

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Successful psychopaths: Are they unethical decision-makers and why? (2012)

"This study investigated ... the positive relationship between psychopathy and unethical decision-making explaining it through the process of moral disengagement." Gregory W. Stevens, Auburn University, Alabama: Jacqueline K. Deuling, Roosevelt University, Illinois: Achilles A. Armenakis, Auburn University, Alabama Journal of...

Written by: Stevens, G. W., Deuling, J. K., & Armenakis, A. A.

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