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Power and morality. (2015). A complex relationship

The link between power and morality is complex.... Power can both undermine and elevate morality. Joris Lammers, University of Cologne, Germany Adam D. Galinsky, Columbia University, USA David Dubois, INSEAD, France...

Written by: Lammers, J., Galinsky, A. D., Dubois, D., & Rucker, D. D.

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Leader corruption depends on power and testosterone. (2014)

“Amount of followers and discretionary choices independently predicted leader corruption… power interacted with endogenous testosterone in predicting corruption, which was highest when leader power and baseline testosterone were both high....

Written by: Bendahan, Samuel; Zehnder, Christian et. al.

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Cortisol shifts financial risk preferences. (2014).

"High levels of the stress hormone cortisol may contribute to the risk aversion and 'irrational pessimism' found among bankers and fund managers during financial crises   Narayanan Kandasamy, Andrew S....

Written by: Kandasamy, Hardy, Page et al.

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