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Hubristic leadership, a review. (2016)

“…examines hubristic leadership … first in terms of over-confidence and its relationship to core self-evaluation and narcissism; then as an acquired disorder (Hubris Syndrome) Eugene Sadler-Smith, Vita Akstinaite, Graham Robinson...

Written by: Sadler-Smith, E., Akstinaite, V., Robinson, G., & Wray T.

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Extrovert CEOs make way less money. (2016)

"...researchers found “a robust negative association” between extroverted, talkative CEOs and “return on assets and cash flow”. Drake Baer,, science of us 8 Aug 2016 Based on work by...

Written by: Gow, Ian D.

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Three questions humble leaders ask. (2016)

"To prevent excessive narcissism, leaders need to look for critical voices, adversity and outside contact. Annet Aris, Adjunct Professor, INSEAD. Insead Knowledge, 23 Aug 2016. A degree of narcissism is...

Written by: Aris, Annet.

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Don’t let power corrupt you. (2016)

"Practical mindfulness exercises for resisting ‘the power paradox’ aka Hubris Syndrome." Prof. Dacher Keltner, University of California, Berkeley, faculty director of the Greater Good Science Center. Harvard Business Review October...

Written by: Keltner, Dacher,

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