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Can James Mattis protect Trump from hubris? (2017)

“Americans need someone who will educate, encourage, and if necessary, restrain, an inexperienced president." Dominic Tierney, contributing editor, associate professor at Swarthmore College. The Atlantic, 14 January 2017. Image: Mike Segar...

Written by: Tierney, Dominic.

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Embrace the bold, temper the hubris. (2016)

"...ways to keep your bold attitude at the forefront and keep the hubris at bay. Maynard Webb, various roles including Yahoo! Board chairman, 31 Oct 2016 "If you’re leading...

Written by: Webb, Maynard.

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The hubris of the 2016 candidates. (2016)

"The rivals are like Shakespearean protagonists falling prey to hubris, the excessive pride that can make politicians believe the rules that govern normal mortals do not apply to them." Stephen...

Written by: Collins, Stephen.

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The dangers of power. (2016)

"How you can gain more power, and why you should be leery." Shana Lynch (based on the writing of Prof Brian Lowery, Standford University), Stanford Business Insights, 27 July 2016...

Written by: Lynch, Shana & Lowery, Brian.

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Chilcot’s lessons. (2016)

"The Chilcot report (into the war in Iraq) is … also a study into how decision-making can go wrong. Here are nine lessons (from Chilcot) for investors. Chris Dillow. Investor...

Written by: Dillow, Chris.

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