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Executive over-confidence and compensation structure. (2016)

"...firms tailor compensation contracts to individual behavioral traits such as overconfidence.” Mark Humphery-Jenner, UNSW Business School, Australia; Ling Lei Lisic, George Mason University, Virgina; Vikram Nanda, Rutgers University New Jersey...

Written by: Humphery-Jenner, M., Lisic, L. L., Nanda, V., & Silveri, S. D.

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Overconfident CEOs are less socially responsible. (2016)

"Overconfident CEOs invest less in activities that impact positively on society… Female CEOs are significantly less overconfident than male CEOs." Barry Oliver The Conversation, 12 December 2016 Drawn from the...

Written by: Oliver, B., McCarthy, S. & Song, S.

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