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The psychological structure of humility. (2016)

“..humility is uniformly operationalized as a positive, socially desirable construct… (however) we found humility takes two distinct forms, ‘appreciative’ and ‘self-abasing’…” Aaron C. Weidman, University of British Columbia; Joey T Cheng, University...

Written by: Weidman, A. C., Cheng, J. T., & Tracy, J. L

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CEO overconfidence and ambidextrous innovation. (2017)

“...overconfident CEOs are more apt to create or magnify an imbalance in innovation ambidexterity.” Ying-Jiuan Wong, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Taiwan; Cheng-Yu Lee, Southern Taiwan University of Science and...

Written by: Wong, Y. J., Lee, C. Y., & Chang, S. C

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The acquisitive nature of extraverted CEOs. (2017)

“…extraverted CEOs are more likely to engage in acquisitions, and to conduct larger ones, than other CEOs..” Shavin Malhotra, University of Waterloo, Ontario; Taco H. Reus, Erasmus University, Rotterdam; PengCheng Zhu, University of...

Written by: Malhotra, S.; Reus, T. H.; Zhu, P.; Roelofsen, E. M.

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Leadership and stress: A meta-analytic review. (2017)

“Stress influences leader behavior: leadership behavior and leader-follower relationships are significant determinants of stress/burnout in subordinates." P.D. Harms, University of Alabama; Marcus Credé & Michael Tynan, Iowa State University; Matthew Leon, Central...

Written by: Harms, P. D., Credé, M., Tynan, M., Leon, M., & Jeung, W.

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