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Carillion. What a mess.

Board hubris ran high while hedge funds scented blood, shorting the stock. Bailey, D. Professor of Industrial Strategy, Aston Business School Birmingham Post, 18 January 2018 Image: Wikimedia Commons "Carillion's demise...

Written by: Professor David Bailey

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The most important four words a leader can say (2017)

"Vulnerability loops are most powerful in moments of stress..."people either dig in and become defensive, and start justifying, and a lot of tension gets created."" Coyle, D. Daniel Coyle, author...

Written by: The most important four words a leader can say

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When Founders Go Too Far (2017)

"Given the extraordinary power imbalance that’s now the norm in Silicon Valley boardrooms, it should be no surprise that many founder-CEOs are behaving badly. In fact, the real surprise may...

Written by: Steve Blank

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Power and Autistic Traits (2016)

"Problem solving is important in leadership, and people with many autistic traits appear often to be better thinkers than typical subjects with similar IQs." Overskeid, G. Department of Psychology, University of...

Written by: Geir Overskeid

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